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So you wanna fight your destiny?
by Halfling Rogue (halfling_rogue)
at March 30th, 2008 (11:56 pm)
Current Mood: hopeful
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Moksa University

You're simply minding your own business one day, going about things as usual (or not so usual, depending on the day) when all of a sudden--suprise of all surprises--you find yourself and your belongings eaten by a porkbun.

Yes, you heard me quite correctly.

And your day is just beginning, as you suddenly find yourself deposited in an unfamiliar dorm room on an even more unfamiliar campus. The staff is kind of creepy, and the island is surrounded by nothing but water for miles around. But there are new and strange things to learn here, as the letter on your bed proclaims, and even more importantly, borrowed time with which to learn them.

The price for this priceless opportunity?

I suppose you'll just have to find out.

moksa_u is a multiversal crossover RPG set on a campus created and run by the Space-Time Witch, Yuuko Ichihara from CLAMP's xxxHolic. Characters are drawn directly from canon, so it is not an AU. Every character is charged with both teaching and learning from each other, and the campus provides a good number of places for social interaction. Characters from books, film, television, video games, and manga/comics are allowed. Original characters are not. We'd love to have you. ♥